B.C. can be a place where plastic pollution becomes a thing of the past. We can get there together.

Crushed plastic water bottle

more than 40% of plastic is used only once

Here in B.C. we can do our part to change this. We asked for your thoughts on how best to do it, and you answered. The survey is now closed so we can go through the tens of thousands of thoughtful responses.

Here are some solutions we’re considering

Bans on single-use packaging

We are carefully reading through response from British Columbians about whether and how to phase out single-use packaging.

We’re looking at effective ways to phase out specific types of single use plastic packaging – and what kind of exemptions might be needed to keep products accessible for the people who need them.

Reducing plastics overall

We need to make sure that we’re using less plastic in the first place.

We’re looking at effective ways to prevent plastic waste in the first place and ensure the plastic that is recycled is used most effectively.

Recycling more plastics

Keeping plastic products like straws, stir sticks, plastic cutlery, and plates, bowls, cups, and party supplies out of our landfills and waterways.

Our proposal would require producers to take responsibility for many more plastic products. This means more single-use plastic items like sandwich bags, ‘disposable’ plastic cups, straws, and cutlery will now be easily recyclable.

Making sure we return plastic bottles

Saving millions of plastic bottles from being thrown away.

We’re looking to expand the deposit-refund system to cover all beverage containers, and changing the deposit-refund to 10 cents for all containers – keeping millions more single-use containers out of landfills and our waterways.

Learn more about the options

We engaged with people on the path forward to reduce plastic pollution in B.C. Feedback was accepted until September 30 at 4pm.

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