Climate acts and regulations

One of the ways the government protects our environment is through acts (laws). Acts set out what the government must do. This can include:

  • Metrics and milestones we must achieve
  • Our reporting responsibilities
  • Compliance, enforcement and penalties

Regulations are specific sets of rules and requirements to deliver on what was set out in the act.

There are many acts and regulations, collectively called legislation, that support climate action in B.C. There are also acts to help manage climate emergencies and keep people safe. Here are some of those acts.

Climate action legislation

Climate Change Accountability Act

Requires B.C. to meet these milestones for reducing pollution below 2007 levels: 

The Climate Change Accountability Act sets targets for industries to reduce pollution and tells government when and how to report on progress. It also says that we must establish a target for net-zero emissions by 2050.

BC Legislature building and fountain on a clear day.

Emergency management legislation

Emergency and Disaster Management Act

Wildfire Act

Everything B.C. is doing about climate change

The B.C. government is doing its part and taking action on climate change with an ambitious plan to reduce climate pollution. Work is already under way.