Actions you can take

Our changing climate influences everything from the temperature in our homes to the kind of foods we can grow. You can take action to support the move to a cleaner and more sustainable B.C. and be ready for the impacts of climate change. Explore tools and tips that can help you stay healthy, reduce costs and connect with others to make an impact.

The B.C. government is doing its part and taking action on climate change with an ambitious plan to reduce climate pollution. Work is already under way.

Living more sustainably

There are a lot of different ways to live more sustainably. You can make different choices about the food you eat, the things you buy, how you get around and what you throw away.

Each year, personal trucks and cars in B.C. release around one-third of the greenhouse gases produced by transportation. Choosing to walk or cycle instead of driving can also improve your mood, stress levels and overall health.

Drive less

Working together

People in B.C. are concerned about climate change. But if no one around you is talking about the issue, it can feel like you’re trying to make changes alone. Once you’ve started a conversation, you can work together to make bigger changes in your neighbourhood, community or social network.

Get friends and family involved

Preparing for the effects of climate change

You can take steps at home to stay safe and healthy in the changing climate. Planning ahead can reduce risks to your home and property and help you stay focused when responding to emergencies.

Plan ahead

Rebates and incentives

CleanBC programs can help you reduce your emissions and your impact on the climate.

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