Feature 4 – Reducing emissions from waste

Reducing emissions from waste

Better Buildings

By 2030, 95% of organic waste will be diverted from landfills and turned into renewable resources.

Learn more about our proposed steps to reduce plastic waste.

Diverting waste from landfills and reducing polluting emissions

Industries and homes generate tonnes of garbage that pollute B.C.’s air, water, and land. And when food and organic waste is sent to landfills to decompose, methane gas is created. This is bad news for B.C.’s environment.

We’re reducing organic waste and making better use of it by converting it into renewable resources that can be used as cleaner sources of energy to heat our homes and power transportation.

Reduce waste and turn it into a clean resource

  • Help communities to achieve 95% organic waste diversion for agricultural, industrial, and municipal waste – including systems in place to capture 75% of landfill gas
  • Waste less and make better use of waste across all sectors of our economy, like forestry, agriculture, and residential areas