Feature 3 – Cleaner transportation

Cleaner transportation

Making electric cars more affordable, investing in charging stations, and shifting to renewable fuels

We’re moving to a future where new vehicles produce no air pollution at all. To get there faster, we are helping people afford cleaner cars and save money on fuel with point of sale rebates, and making it easier to charge or fuel them.

We’re speeding up the switch to cleaner fuels at the gas pump. And building new, cleaner transportation technology and infrastructure means new economic opportunities and less time in gridlock, which is good for families and businesses.

Speed up the switch to cleaner fuels

  • Make our fuel cleaner by increasing the low carbon fuel standard to 20% by 2030 and increasing the supply of renewable transportation fuels
  • Make vehicles run cleaner by increasing tailpipe emissions standards for vehicles sold after 2025

Bring down the price of clean vehicles

  • Just over 20 years from now, every new car sold in B.C. will be a zero-emission vehicle (ZEV)
  • Help people to afford cleaner cars, and save money on gasoline, with rebates for electric vehicles
  • Make it easier to charge or fuel an electric vehicle

We’re making sure more people are able to afford to purchase a zero emission vehicle. You may be eligible for up to $8,000 in provincial and federal rebates upon purchase of a new electric or plug-in hybrid electric car.

Find out about rebates for purchasing a clean energy vehicle

Better Buildings

By 2040, every new car sold in B.C. will be a zero-emission vehicle.

Learn more about BC’s strategy for cleaner, more active transportation.