Feature 1 – Better Buildings

Better Buildings

Helping you conserve energy and making your home healthier and more comfortable

We live, work and play in buildings. How they are built has a direct impact on our health and well-being. That’s why we’re going to make buildings work better for people all over B.C.

New CleanBC programs and rebates will help turn buildings all over the province into lower polluting, warmer, more comfortable and healthier spaces. CleanBC will help us move forward to a future where buildings produce no polluting emissions at all.

Better buildings

  • Make every building more efficient by improving the BC Building Code and increasing efficiency standards – until every new building is “net-zero energy ready” by the year 2032
  • Make residential and commercial natural gas consumption cleaner by putting in place a minimum requirement of 15% to come from renewable gas

Support for home energy retrofits

  • Rebates to make heat pumps more affordable and homes more energy-efficient
  • Upgrade B.C.’s stock of public housing so residents, many of whom are low-income families or seniors, can live in a more energy-efficient, healthier, and comfortable home

Support for communities

  • Help remote communities reduce dependence on diesel for electricity
  • Support public infrastructure efficiency upgrades and fuel-switching to biofuels

You may be eligible for up to $3,000 to convert your home heating to heat pumps. Find out how you can lower the cost of energy-saving upgrades.

Find out about rebates for your home

Better Homes BC

By 2032, every new building in B.C. will have an ultra-efficient, net-zero energy ready design.

Learn more about funding and capital incentives to encourage energy efficient design, construction and renovation of commercial buildings.